Ways To Style Your Tables Without Breaking the Bank

Ways To Style Your Tables Without Breaking the Bank for your 2018 Wedding

First Things First

When people think Table Decor they think Table Centres. This may be the first thing you would think of to style your tables with maximum effect. And you would be right. So the first thing you do is unlock your phone  and open up Pinterst and type in ‘Table Centre Ideas’. There you will be blown away with images of exotic and luxurious table centres made up of hydranges, orchids and roses… you guessed it the expensive flowers. Here is one of those Pinterest luxury table centres we have arranged before below.


Luxurious Pinterest Table Centre

The Budget

If you are now thinking how is it possible to ‘Style Your Tables Without Breaking the Bank’ then I will explain. Silk flowers ….. and before you say anything I know you are thinking plastic cheap looking flowers in pots. In the last 10 and even 5 years artificial flowers have excelled in how realistic they look and at times have even fooled us. They even now come with scents to match the smell of the real thing.

So we came up with a hire range of impressive floral table centres with differrent stlyes for each bride. This has made it more affordable than fresh flowers while still giving your venue the waoh factor. As Pinterest trends change we reguarly change our table centres to keep ahead of them. See below for yourself some of the range or click here to see other ideas for your table decor.

floral hired tables centres manor house showcase n.ireland wedding venue

silver pedestal wedding decor n.ireland ideas hire range wedding tables centres

floral candleabra tables centre lustybeg island count fermanagh wedding venue ideas

cherry blossom tables centres at Castle Leslie County Monoghan wedding venue

Get that Pinterest board

As you can see without the use of fresh flowers you can now bring part of your Pinterest board to life! Come and see our range of floral table centres for yourself.  We would love you to make an appointment to view our showroom where you can see what else can be done with silk flowers. You will be amazed.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions big or small on pricing or availability for your wedding just get in touch by clicking here.