The Pinterest Trend continues for 2018

Wild and Green… the Pinterest Trend continues for 2018

First up apologies as we are heading towards the end of January… and this is only my first blog of 2018!! Alot of questions where popped over Christmas and we have been extremely busy getting new projects of the ground, meeting with new brides and discussing new ideas for the year ahead. So lets get the proceedings under way with Eimhears wedding.

Pinks, Greens and Golds… what a match

What does your Pinterest board look like?? Is it a mish mash of 6 different stlyes of weddings rolled into one… A fantasy wedding board can be a God send but they can be very confusing also.

From the offset Eimhear wanted to stay with the current trend of greenery foilage and metallics, gold to be specefic. Not forgetting pale pinks to compliment her bridesmaids dresses.

The Church decor was straight forward with impact in every area from the door, aisle and altar area. Flooding a Church with too much decor can be overkill an ruin the look of your wedding. We used soft rusucs and eucalyptus as the main foilage and brought in the colour from the bouquets in to the floral arch.

The Bouquet

Sarah Fyffe was behind the camera for Eimhears wedding which took place at Castle Leslie in Co.Monoghan. The venue has stunning grounds and we get distracted by the views every time we are working here. Eimhears stemmed from the style of her bouquets, from the pewends to her altar arrangements and pedestals, it is important for your wedding to flow throughout.

Whether or not you are a fan of wild bouquets they are here to stay for 2018! So if your a 2018 bride what style will you choose??

To book a showaround or consultation for your wedding day click here for some guidance… or you can dream about that wedding you have on your Pinterest board which which even Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be able to afford.

See you soon!

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